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Our value comes from an extensive global parts network that provides tracking capabilities for on-time delivery assurances, committed parts availability and optimized cost of ownership. Our global inventory of high quality spare parts allows us to use our supply-chain to provide parts support specifically tailored to your operational needs.


Here are a few examples of how we’ve applied our insights and expertise to help customers reach their logistics and supply chain goals. Let's talk about what we can do for you.
  • Using our material science and metrology expertise, we were able to help one customer reduce green-to-green time for chamber liner maintenance down from 40 hours to one shift
  • Using HeadSmart? TKM eliminated 70% of customer head-related issues
  • When combined with QuickStart, HeadSmart? TKM includes head burn-in and testing, which resulted in up to 5% increase in tool availability
  • When combined with QuickStart, HeadSmart? TKM prevented 369 break-in hours per year on 6 tools